The Dobruja

The River Danube is the watery marking point which divides the Balkan neighbours, Romania and Bulgaria. As it flows from Vidin, past Lom, Svishtov, Ruse and down to Silistra, the consistent boundary between the two lands is clear, however, as the river flows north to the Delta, the divide changes. From this point, the two countries are separated by nothing more than a line on the map. This is the Dobruja

The Dobruja is an informal area of land, shared between both southeastern Romania and northeastern Bulgaria. The Romanian northern Dobruja stretches up to Ismail on the Danube Delta. The Bulgarian southern Dobruja is a fertile agricultural plateau which includes Tutrakan, Silistra, Balchik, Kavarna and the main city of Dobrich.

After the creation of the Principality of Bulgaria in 1878, the Southern Dobrudja was part of the new state. The population was of mixed ethnic groups,
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The Dobruja


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